I'm Ashley

I’m so glad you are here! I’m Ashley Rives, the resource creator behind Lovely Commotion. I am dedicated to supporting play-based preschool teachers in saving time, gaining confidence, and fostering an enriching learning environment. Through my podcast, Facebook group, blog, and resources, I aim to provide valuable tools and inspiration to help educators create magical experiences for their students.



With a degree in elementary and early childhood education from Northwest Missouri State University, as well as a Masters in Literacy, I have a solid foundation in pedagogy and instructional strategies. 

Beyond the classroom, I have also worked as a parent educator and at-home child-care provider, broadening my understanding of early childhood development and fostering strong partnerships with families. 

Currently, I am teaching part-time pre-k at a faith-based center, where I have the opportunity to put my expertise into practice while staying connected with the ever-evolving field of early childhood education.



I am married to my high school sweetheart, who is also an educator. We have 2 children and pups. We love to spend time together playing games, hanging out in the pool or traveling somewhere new.


For You

As a Resource Creator specializing in early childhood education, I am dedicated to supporting Play-Based Preschool Teachers in their journey towards saving time, enhancing lesson planning, and feeling confident in their teaching practices. Through various platforms such as The Lovely Preschool Teacher Podcast, the Lovely Preschool Teachers Facebook Group, the Lovely Commotion blog, and resources shared on Teachers Pay Teachers and the Lovely Commotion Preschool Resources Shop, I aim to provide valuable insights and tools.