Get Your Lit Together

Preschool Literacy Made Easy

The Easiest Step-by-Step Plan for Teaching Literacy in a Highly Engaging Play-Based Setting All Year Long—Without Needing “Letter of the Week”

Do you feel you're flying by the seat of your pants because you don't have an overall plan for literacy in your preschool classroom?

Are you sick of feeling like...

  • you’re piecing together a hodge-podge of ideas from here and there for your literacy plans and have no set plan of action?
  • you’re not sure that you’ve covered all the important emergent literacy skills and might be failing your preschoolers?
  • the overwhelm of searching for ideas, planning and prep is just too much?

What if you had a step-by-step plan for literacy that made you feel confident and excited about literacy?

  • Imagine knowing what to teach and when in order to build a strong literacy foundation.
  • Imagine bringing literacy into your preschool day without having to add more to your already tight schedule.
  • Imagine still running your classroom in a play-based way while also setting a strong literacy foundation for your littles.
  • Imagine feeling confident that you haven’t missed teaching any important literacy skills.

here is the hard-to-handle truth...

Hi! I’m Ashley, today I love helping preschool teachers bring literacy rich activities into their classrooms through engagin, child-centered lessons.

But, I wasn’t always this way…

I took a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants approach when it came to literacy.

For years I just pieced my literacy experiences together from a hodge-podge of activities. No set course of action, no systematic plan – just a “Hey, that looks like a good idea- I’ll do that.”

As you can imagine, this approach did not leave me feeling confident that I was helping my students lay a strong literacy foundations. In fact, it left me feeling inadequate – a horrible feeling that I knew had to be fixed. So, after much research, trial and error and organization –

I’ve now got a plan!

And.. you can have a step-by-step plan too!


Get Your Lit Together

Preschool Literacy Made Easy

A self-paced training system designed specifically for preschool teachers that guides you through a step-by-step process to create a plan for teaching literacy all year long in a play-based classroom.

Inside the course, you'll find everything you need to create a Literacy Master Plan for the whole school year.

Module one

A Framework for Preschool Literacy

  • Learn about the Literacy Continuum and where preschool lies on it.
  • Take dive into the Emergent Literacy Skills that we should be focusing on.
  • Learn about what research tells us about how students learn best and why Letter of the Week doesn’t work.

Module TWo

How to Support Emergent Readers

  • Get inspired with interactive read aloud ideas that encourage text connections, while still being interested and relatable to preschoolers.
  • Learn the ‘Elements of Text’ to focus on during shared reading.
  • Grab some quick, but impactful mini lessons to teach your preschoolers how reading works.

Module THREE

How to Support Emergent Writers

  • Snag practical, easy to implement shared writing ideas your preschoolers will love.
  • Discover the art of book-making to fuel a preschoolers love of sharing thoughts and ideas.
  • Get intentional and teach how we write with quick and simple mini lessons.

Module FOUR

Reading and Writing Together

  • Learn about how reading and writing correlate and why it’s important to convey.
  • Learn the most effective way for children to learn letters and how we can support the letter learning process.

Module FIVE

Creating your Own Master Literacy Plan

  • After learning amazing techniqutes and strategies for brining literacy into your classroom, learn how to implement what you’ve learned.
  • Create a Master Literacy Plan that fits your needs using the ‘Master Literacy Plan Workbook’.

what's included?






'get your lit on' training videos

hour professional development certificate

course workbook

printable mini-lessons

awesome bonuses

real preschool teachers getting real results​


“I throughly enjoyed this. It made me excited to try these new ideas while also validating the work that I already do. I will refer to my completed workbook while planning and/or when I need inspirtation. I appreciate all the hard work you put into creating this course.”

plus, amazing bonuses!

Literacy & Writing Center Guides

These checklists, just for the writing and literacy centers, make it simple for you to see how you can improve upon the two most important classroom centers for emergent literacy.

$20 Value

Creating a Literacy-Rich Environment

Does your classroom encompass all 4 parts of a Lit Rich Environment? With this guide you will know what you need to add to ensure that your classroom environment is doing it's part!

$10 Value

Assessing Preschool Literacy How-TO Guide & Checklist

This Guide will be your new best friend! With a quick list of literacy skills to assess and suggestions for how to assess, plus a printable checklist 0 you'll be ready!

$12 Value

is this course right for me?

This course is for you if...

  • You want a step by step plan for literacy for the entire year.
  • You value play-based learning and know it’s the best way children learn.
  • You don’t have a lot of time, but you want quality training and resources.

This course isn't for you if...

  • You want a quick fix without understanding why all the pieces to emergent literacy are important.
  • You are a strong believer in Letter of the Week or a phonics only curriculum – as this course focuses on emergent literacy as a whole. Not just letters and sounds.

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If you don’t feel like you’re on your way to getting your literacy in order, just let Ashley know at within 14 days of purchase and your investment will be returned.

How does this online course work?


Professional Development in your pajamas? Yes please! This course is available online only through videos and workbooks.

5 Modules

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“It (this course) has helped me in planning for the school year. We do not have a curriculum to follow so this has helped me with planning.”


“I loved the editable templates, especially for the Interactive Read Alouds!”

frequently asked questions

Yes! I believe deeply that play-based learning and laying a strong literacy foundation should go together!

This course was created to help you learn about literary concepts and how you can bring them into your classroom. There are mini lessons and ideas for implementation, but this course is not a curriculum. However, it will help you create a master plan for literacy!

No! No need for trying to fit more into your already tight classroom schedule. The ideas and suggestions in this course help you bring literacy into your already tight schedule.

While this course was designed with Pre-K (four and five year olds) in mind, many of the ideas, concepts and suggestions can be applied to a younger classroom.

Because this course is hosted online, you can work through it whenever you want! Module one will be available immediately. The rest of the modules will drop 14 days after purchase. After all modules are released you have lifetime access to the course.

No! You get all updates to the course with your initial investment.

Can you really go another year flying by the seat of your pants?

You could stay stuck and keep feeling...

  • like you are always scrambling to find the right literacy activities.
  • like you’re not 100% confident that you are giving your preschoolers the literacy foundation they deserve.

Or, you could get the fast-track path that...

  • gives you the training you need to feel confident implementing emergent literacy.
  • helps you create a plan for exactly what literacy skills to teach and when.
  • helpf you merge play-based learning and literacy instruction in a way that is best for young learners.
  • doesn’t require you to figure it out all on your own.

Don't wait! Get your Lit Together now!

Ditch the overwhelm and start feeling confident about planning your literacy for the whole year.


“It (this course)” reignited my passion for literacy and helped me add variety to my classroom.”


“This course was so thorough and helped me immensely, especially with moving away from Letter of the Week.”

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